We partnered with M3V to build out a large, institutional SDS library from the ground up, requiring accessibility by hundreds of team members. SDS Explorer served as a reliable foundation for this work. We later transitioned to the new Chemical Management Navigator (CMN) platform that carried this forward with augmented features and improved operability at all levels. M3V has always provided consistent and responsive customer service, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to ensure the safety of our people. Chris Y.

A top ranking U.S. University

Having utilized M3V at another organization, I was aware of how the Material Certification process could be improved and simplified. Excellent customer service support resulted in the M3V SDS software implementation in a very short time frame at the current company I am at; with absolutely no issues. Very competitive pricing makes this a system that all companies utilizing chemicals should consider. Wayne R.

Medical Technologies Company

As an R&D company we are constantly getting in new chemicals. Collecting and filing the SDS was an almost impossible task, not to mention the paper library was getting larger and larger by the year. We knew we needed to upgrade to a digital library to provide our employees with an easy and fast system to obtain SDSs. We looked into various other options before deciding to go with M3V. We chose them because their platform was simple to use, affordable, and could be easily accessed through any desk or laptop computer at work. In addition, we also appreciated M3V’s dedication to our project, which turned out to be much larger than originally expected. They provided excellent customer service and communication through the entire process. We have had the application a little over a year now and it truly has simplified the SDS process.

Zach F.

Battery Manufacturer

The best thing we ever did was to get M3V Data Management and the SDS software.  This program makes controlling our safety program so much more efficient.

Tilly R.

North Carolina Regional Transit Authority

M3V Data Management seamlessly transferred our existing electronic safety data sheets into their system and simplified the organization of our on-hand materials. The product list is easy to read, simple to navigate, and the customer service is quick to respond. Making the switch to M3V Data Management was a good, cost effective choice for my organization.

K.S. – Operations Specialist

Manufacturer / Life Sciences

M3V is a perfect match for housing our company’s safety data sheets. The system is easy to use, easy to manage and all at a great price. With over 100 products and 6 departments this program keeps our information nicely organized and easily accessible for multiple users. On top of that the customer service is excellent!

Michelle B.

Home Products Manufacturer, Missouri

We are very satisfied with our decision to go with M3V. The M3V software made our SDS management a breeze. It is so much easier to manage now that our records are all consolidated in one electronic library, and the search feature makes it easy for everyone to find and retrieve the document they need with just a few clicks!

Brenda M.

World’s Largest Manufacturer of Car Wash Equipment

Our company has been using M3V Data Management’s SDS Explorer system since November 2020 (before November we had only printed SDS’s in binders). Being in the plastics industry, we were searching for a simple SDS management system as our press operators and process techs don’t use many hazardous chemicals in our production process. We wanted a software that could be easily accessed on the computer in the case of an emergency (M3V sends you a desktop icon to use that connects to an online M3V account). We were first attracted to M3V with the much lower upfront and annual fees compared to more well-known SDS management companies (literally thousands of dollars less expensive than an SDS management system I had used at a previous company at which I was employed).

Customer service has been amazing – (Our M3V Rep) has always been one call away if we ever have any questions about how to use the system (although it is simple to use), and she is very responsive to emails. We also love that we do not have to sign a contract and we own the data in our SDS library. M3V will even send you a flash drive that contains all of your SDS’s on it so you may have that in addition to the online software. Once we sent in our paper SDS’s, M3V was very quick to get them uploaded to the system with data fields filled out, then they were verified to ensure they were the most updated SDS from each manufacturer. (Our M3V Rep) was very quick to send us everything we needed to learn how to use the system (and she talked us through the system as needed over the phone).

Overall, I would recommend M3V because of the simplicity, low cost, and excellent customer service.


Ohio Plastics Manufacturer

We recently switched to M3V and all of the dealings we have had with them have been extremely positive. All of their staff have been very courteous, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Furthermore, every time I’ve made an additional request, they have gone out of their way to ensure it is resolved in a timely manner.

Paul H.

Zoo in large, midwestern city

I have been a chemical coordinator working with a variety of SDS management systems for over 15 years. I have found M3V to be the easiest to use when building and updating our SDS library. The staff is knowledgeable and provides excellent support. As we continue to transition our sites over to M3V, I hear a lot of praise for the product and for the training M3V has provided.

Donna K

Manufacturer / Life Sciences

I would recommend anyone seeking an affordable, easily customized and efficient method to manage their Safety Data Sheet needs to contact M3V. Their Explorer product is affordable, easy to navigate, easy to update and was easily understood by our employees. Our M3V representative was with us throughout the entire process, making the implementation very efficient and painless. Thank you for letting me and my staff rid ourselves of an old cumbersome paper system.

Bruce M.

Public utility company

I was referred to M3V by a counterpart in my industry.  He said the software is user friendly and customer service was great!  I find myself telling people the same exact thing! I wanted a software to track SDS that everyone at our Utility could use and to be able to have a real human to talk to when I needed tech support.  I definitely picked the right company!  Thank you M3V!

Ed S.

Public Utility, Washington State

I was searching for a new company to handle our SDS online services. I came across M3V Data Management and was contacted by Helen. I couldn’t believe the price difference for the same services I was getting at the company we previously used not to mention the incredible services I received from M3V Data Management. Helen contacted me right away and was extremely helpful in answering any questions I had and walked me through a demo of how to use their online software. I found it very simple to use and easy to manage. I’m extremely happy with their services. They are always willing to be helpful in any way needed. I highly recommend this company to handle your online SDS.

Julie D.

Oregon Metal Fabricator

M3V software saved the campus a significant amount of money when we needed to make spending cuts. Coming from (a direct competitor), M3V Software made this happen.  M3V’s SDS Explorer is clean and straight to the point electronic SDS management for budget minded facilities.

Paul L.

A Missouri Community College

Our company was very fortunate in finding M3V when searching for a digital means of improving our SDS system. Our company worked with an M3V representative, who assisted in building our account information and addressing every aspect of our upgrade thoroughly and professionally. Expectations were exceeded with regard to building our database and providing information to thoroughly train our users. All items presented in initial discussions were addressed in a timely manner, exactly as promised. M3V comes highly rated if looking for a cost efficient, user friendly SDS system and a company that provides great support of their product.

Wayne R.

Precision tooling and injection molded parts for medical industry

For my experience with M3V, the software is simple and easy to follow. The customer service is great! Questions via email and phone calls are answered in timely fashion.

Ed G.

Manufacturer of Industrial Brushes

The M3V staff are very knowledgeable about their product and were instrumental in our management deciding to go with their program. We made the transition to this program very easy and we actually spent very little time putting it into full motion. I actually had several personnel who made the comment after our online training session “That was the most professional presentation we’ve heard in a long time.” That alone should say a lot. Thanks to M3V Data Management for a job well done.”

James S.

Alaska Department of Defense Contractor

M3V: Why did you choose M3V out of all the SDS vendors on the market?

New Client: Thank you for moving this along so efficiently! I believe we saw that M3V understood our place in the market: needing to provide an effective SDS information distribution program, but needing to be responsive and accountable to the taxpayer’s dollar. You offered options that addressed our needs within a budget that was responsible. Your software felt friendly. And you have been pleasant to deal with as well: Bonus!

Phil H.

Michigan Public Health Agency

The software is great! Very user friendly. Thankfully we haven’t had to use it for an emergency but I feel if we did, it would be quick and easy!

Kimberly C.

Spices Wholesaler

My experience with M3V has been very good as the simplicity of the layout for the end user is familiar to that of the current SDS management method we utilize. Even in simplicity, there is a lot of power to the system that anyone who has access can utilize. The price point compared to other SDS management software helps make this product an even better catch. From an end user standpoint you are able to pull up the SDS or First Aid Emergency information in the matter of seconds. The fast access to critical information can save lives. One of the other reasons to work with M3V is the responsiveness and attentiveness of their staff, our rep Helen was very helpful throughout the entire purchasing process and helped us to ask the right questions when trying to find the right solution for us to migrate from a physical management solution to an online solution.

Noah W.

Industrial Services Provider

As we transitioned our company from paper to online, M3V was life-saving for our SDS system. It took us from 3 people spending a few hours a week updating, revising and researching to maybe 1 person, 1 hour a week, adding new items to the system. Our employees love the ease of access and utilizing the training materials provided was a breeze. From our first meeting with the M3V representative to implementation, it took about 2 weeks and the whole thing was seamless. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Michelle W.

Cheese and dairy products facility

We are using M3V’s Chemical Management Navigator software to update and improve our current SDS management system. We are happy with how simple it is to use and upload information so that our employees can quickly gain access to the SDS for chemicals used in their area.

The customer service with M3V’s staff has been exceptional with fast responses and quick fixes to the few issues we had when we first started experimenting with the system. Since the launch we have had no problems and are happy with the product and service provided.”

Matthew H.

Alabama Metal Fabricator

The SDS software works really well. We just went through an audit with OSHA. A staff member was requested to produce an SDS on an item and they went right to the site and showed the SDS within just a few seconds. The training video M3V provided has been a huge help.

Vince S.

Ohio Hospital

Having used a different SDS vendor software at a previous employer, I was pleasantly surprised at what the product could provide us for the price. For me, it was a no-brainer to go with M3V after watching the live webinar that the team presented.

Bill J.

Massachusetts Metal Stamping Facility

We were researching to find a company to host our SDS’s (400-500) online; accessible from anywhere and update the files accordingly. We wanted hands free and worry free. Then, we found M3V through a 3rd party introduction. They have taken care of everything since then. With the simple user interface as their competitors, BUT completely affordable pricing, very personable and knowledgeable, hands on, follow up, great support throughout the process and after. This was by far the best company to facilitate all of our SDS needs! A big thank you to the M3V staff. They have been incredible throughout the journey!

Lisa D.

Ontario Semi Tractor Trailer Manufacturer

The innovative M3V Data Management system is a great tool for managing your MSDS’s. I found it to be concise and very easy to use with all the information right there in front of you. No more paging through sheets of documents. The greatest thing about this system is the Emergency First Aid info is available for each product with the click of the mouse. The benefits to this are speedier access to the information, which allows for immediate treatment of the exposed areas, and less costly medical treatment follow-up. The minutes saved accessing this information could save a life.

Dan K.

North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperative

M3V has been a transformational tool for me personally and for our company. I can say without hesitation that, for the first time in 20 years of struggling to comply with “Right-to-Know” Hazard Communication legal requirements, I no longer cringe when I consider the state of my organization’s ability to provide employees with meaningful and up-to-date information on chemical hazards in a timely fashion. SDS Explorer has unlocked for us the Gordian Knot of maintaining, organizing and updating Safety Data Sheet files. Every person in our organization, from the CEO to the custodian, has instant access to the SDS information that they need because of M3V, and the information is easily and intuitively located within the platform. The free label printing is a valuable feature for me and the great customer service that you provide. In short, SDS Explorer has been one of the BEST investments that I have made as a Safety professional.

Ipper C.

Plastic injection molding service

I can’t say enough great things about M3V. Our organization needed a way to access our SDS information in multiple locations with ease. M3V provided us with a user-friendly, well designed system, had us up and running quickly. In addition to a superior product, they also provide fantastic customer service. Any questions I have; they are there for me. Always friendly and great follow-through. I give them 5 stars!

Jill K.

California Hospital

M3V has partnered with us in providing a Hazcom/Right To Know software solution for about 4 years now. It’s easy, scalable and effective. M3V has been an excellent resource and very helpful in reminding the City of changes in regulations. The City is very pleased with M3V’s solution and service.

Jim R.

California Municipal Government

We chose M3V based on the overall simplicity of uploading and accessing the safety data sheets, no individual user license requirements allowing to have administrators in multiple locations, a comparable initial setup cost to M3V competitors and less expensive ongoing costs.

Nicholas G.

Colorado Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

When our company began looking into a digital based program for our SDS system, initially I was overwhelmed with all the information out there and all of the different companies that provide that service. After I made contact with several vendors for this service, M3V stood out quickly from the others. The representative was extremely thorough and very helpful every step of the way, and once we made the decision to go with M3V, the ongoing attention and support has been fantastic. For anyone looking into a system like this, I would highly recommend that you give M3V an opportunity to show what they are about and the service that they offer.

Evan H.

Electrical Specialist

M3V Data Management and I have been working together since March 2016. In early March, I solicited several companies to provide Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management for our surgical hospital, which I am the safety officer for. Not only did we need to adapt our MSDS version to the newly required SDS version, we also wanted to convert from a paper format to a web based format. M3V responded immediately and explained what services they provide and how M3V could meet our needs. The transition from the old format to the new one was timely and seamless. After many phone calls from me to M3V, with multiple questions, I can say that they provided unlimited support. It has been a pleasure to deal with this company. I highly recommend M3V Data Management for your SDS data management needs.

Diane H.

Ohio Surgical Hospital

I’ve been very happy with the software as-well as the customer service M3V has provided! The SDS software is extremely easy to use and the training videos were very helpful when updating our employee Hazcom training. We particularly like the Emergency button function which allows employees to easily see the first aid information and our facility emergency response protocols.

Bailey W.


The reason that we chose M3V over the other vendors that we were considering is because of the customer support that we received in just a short period of time, the simplicity of the software, their website, the online demonstration given to us and the pricing. It seems that every business could use this this type of program; including construction companies, universities, hospitals, etc. It is a good product that will sell itself.

Clay A.

State of Kansas

We chose M3V because of the low price and the software gives us what we need to meet OSHA requirements; plus it is easy for our production people to use.

Calvin S.

Florida High Tech Electronics Manufacturer

We continue to be happy with SDS Explorer. What sets M3V apart from other SDS software providers is their quick response to our questions and their focus on our company’s needs. They either answer the phone each time we call or call us back quickly. That means a lot to us. It’s like we are their only customer and that gives us a great feeling. We wanted something simple to use, compliant with safety requirements and great customer service. We get it all and more!

Brian D.

Ohio Mechanical Contractor

I have been happy and impressed with the service and have not run into any hitches with the product. I find the software simple and easy to use. It helped me create a large database of products easily and once I populated the database, maintenance of the SDS’s could not be simpler.

Tyler M.

Minnesota Heavy Highway Construction

I came across M3V at a Safety Conference in Columbus, Ohio. I was quickly contacted by M3V staff after the conference and before I knew it, my facility had this SDS software up and running. This software has made it so much easier and more convenient than the old SDS books. My team always found it difficult to locate the needed SDS quickly. My team is now easily able to pull up the SDS on the software and quickly gain access to any needed First Aid. It is “at your fingertips”. This has streamlined the SDS for us and I can now rest assured that in the event of an emergency, my team of first responders will easily be able to determine the required treatment to assist quickly. In addition, M3V staff has been a true blessing in representing M3V. From the first contact, through the process and most importantly, after the purchase, they have been very helpful and always respond quickly to any questions I or my team may have.

Kristi S.

Global Parts Manufacturer

When my company decided that we needed to move away from the paper MSDS books that we had maintained for more than 20 years to an online solution, I researched all of the big names and I also found M3V. I received demos and quotes from all four companies and M3V was by far the least expensive. Our M3V representative is fantastic! She communicated with me regarding what I needed to send and what I could expect for results and timing of the process. Each deadline was met well in advance. When my library was set up, she trained me and then she trained our safety staff. She also made a video that can be used to enhance the training for the rest of the plant. When we ran into an issue pushing the library out to each computer in the company, she helped us troubleshoot and solve the problem (it was our internal setting that caused the issue).

I highly recommend M3V to digitize, update and automate your SDS library. The cost is reasonable and the service is excellent.

Paul R.

Wristwatch manufacturer

The SDS software works great for us! It makes keeping track of everything so much easier. We use it at all 23 of our locations throughout Indiana and Michigan.

Jordan S.

Asphalt mixing & concrete paving company

I am happy to be a reference for M3V! The SDS software has been deployed, used, is working great and we have absolutely no complaints.

Chester G.

Illinois Municipal Government

Our business is very pleased with the software provided by M3V Data Management. It is user friendly with ample support. A favorite feature is the date verified tab, making updating much more manageable.

Sadhu B.

Retreat & conference center

M3V has provided us an excellent source for our web based Safety Data Software. The process was easy to implement at a fraction of the cost compared to other SDS management systems we explored.

Troy T.

Beverage bottling company

There are multiple reasons that we chose M3V’s SDS software. The people and the software have exceeded our expectations at every step. SDS Explorer is hands down the most user-friendly and intuitive software that we looked at. Other vendors make it too complicated for small businesses like us who have a low exposure and they have too many options and bolt features for a company without any full-time EHS type people. The configuration is straight forward and highly functional.

Everything you need is on one screen. Once we received the software and completed the webcast training, we were able to start loading data immediately. Everything works as sold, no hidden steps, windows, etc. Anyone with basic computer skills can populate and manage SDS Explorer.

We’re under 100 employees. The suite of features is perfect for us and would be all anyone would need in a large or small company. From loading data to configuring your settings, viewing sheets and performing a search; the system performs exactly as sold. You also have the ability to separate into buildings and departments and it’s quick and easy to see when the last time an SDS was updated.

Other reasons that we chose M3V is because of SAAS, the customer owns and controls the data (quick access to the entire database via Excel Download and Zip File of the data), fair annual pricing structure, the presenter of the online demonstration was excellent and because of the direct login link. An icon can be placed on all computers that doesn’t require a password, so that anyone at any time can click on the shortcut and pull up the required information on the spot. The quick link to the emergency information is another excellent feature that sold us on M3V.

It is quick and easy for all employees to access. M3V performed our webcast for the sales presentation and our software training. They were excellent and certainly know the product very well. During the user training, we covered M3V’s mobile app feature. I was skeptical, so I grabbed my phone and try loading it during the training. I had it on my phone in less than 3 minutes. That’s when I knew we made the right choice in selecting a software tool to assist in the very critical need to manage SDS sheets with current technology. I was already very impressed with M3V and the software, but the ease at which the mobile app loaded up was the icing on the cake. From our research, it doesn’t get any better than M3V. Thanks for a great experience!

Joel R.

Oregon Industrial Machine Manufacturer

Get started. To schedule a live demonstration, start a 30 day free trial, receive a formal cost/scope of work proposal or to simply find out more please call or e-mail us. We look forward to exceeding your expectations! Email info@m3vsoftware.com or call 866-388-4815 or 317-823-2459.