SDS Management, MDS Management
SDS Management, MDS Management
SDS Management, MDS Management
SDS Management, MDS Management

M3V Data Management is a software development firm staffed by Ph.D’s in Chemistry, P.E.’s (Environmental), CHMM’s and scientists, all of whom came from a regulatory or industrial Environmental Health and Safety background. Because we have dealt with thousands of EH&S Managers over the years, we have spent a lot of time listening to their comments and needs. By far, the most recurring input our clients shared was about the need for a system to organize data.

After hearing most people were either using a spreadsheet or an expensive/difficult electronic system for managing data, M3V Data Management started developing web-based software applications dedicated and committed to assisting Environmental, Health and Safety Manager(s).

Committed to Your Trust

M3V Data Management has been providing web-based solutions since 2002 with many of the software applications on their third or fourth major release. We realize we have competitors in this field, but after trying our software, our clients never look back. M3V Data Management is committed to earning our client’s business, trust and is continually dedicated to developing software applicable to your business, affordable and user-friendly.

Designed Just For You

Some of our competitors try to be everything to everybody. The result is complicated software which is both expensive and difficult to interpret… especially during an emergency. M3V Data Management’s clients like the fact that our software applications allow the end user to be as involved or removed as they desire in building and managing their database. In other words, if you need to organize tasks or Safety Data Sheets, we don’t try to take over the inventory control or accounting system. You can ask us to entirely outsource your process or you may control everything with complete independence.

Many of the competitor’s lure clients with claims of low fees but then charge for extra monthly access views, prints, uploads, administrators, etc. or even for technical support. With M3V Data Management, you pay a small monthly fee ($50 – $98), and that’s all. Also, this fee includes unlimited training and customer service support.

We Are Part of M3V Group

M3V Data Management is an integral part of the M3V group.  Our clients are often using environmental consulting services from our sister division M3V Environmental Consulting; and training services from M3V e-Learning.

Please contact us and give us the opportunity to show you how we can help you become more efficient. Email us or call 866-388-4815 or 317-823-2459.