The OSHA SDS/GHS Hazcom Compliance Myth

Hazcom Standards After the passage of the revised Hazcom standard in 2012, there was a great deal of confusion and misinformation generated regarding the revision from the old standard and format to the new one. This was and still is especially true for employers...

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New Options for Exporting your SDS’s

This e-mail is going out to all of our existing clients. We are making some updates and changes to our software. Last week I told you about the new "Search all variants" feature in Chemical Management Navigator allowing you to query all forms of ingredient names and...

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SDS Explorer – New Emergency Information feature

In the event of an emergency, what information do you REALLY want to present to your employees? Now you can communicate whatever you want. (M)SDS Explorer starts at only $50 per month. 866-388-4815 317-823-2459...

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EH&S Task Manager 3.0 Release

M3V Data Management is pleased to announce the release of their web-based software application EH&S Task Manager version 3.0.  Not only is the new version built on a fast new platform, many features have been added making it the most affordable and easiest to use...

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Chemical Management Navigator version 3.0 Release

M3V Data Management, LLC is pleased to release the latest version of the popular web-based software application Chemical Management Navigator. Version 3.0 Not only will this new release allow clients to conduct easy MSDS Management it will also record purchase and...

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