M3V Data Management is pleased to release a significant upgrade to the online software application, MSDS Explorer.

Designed for any company or institution facing the challenges of handling and maintaining paper copies of Material Safety Data Sheets, or for anyone currently using an online solution, MSDS Explorer 2.0 is designed to keep track of thousands of MSDS records in a simple, affordable interface for only $50 per month!

Over the many years that M3V Data Management has been developing electronic solutions for the Environmental, Health & Safety Industry, we found two common situations experienced by a number of companies. The first one involved companies using 3-ring binders or file cabinets to keep track of MSDS sheets. They were now facing the daunting challenge of storing, updating and locating specific MSDS records quickly. The second was from companies that had found an electronic solution only to find that it was difficult to learn and use as well as much more costly than they had originally believed.

According to M3V Data Management Vice President Ross Olsby “We heard so many times from our clients that they tried other MSDS management systems thinking that they would only pay an annual fee of a few hundred dollars. Then after getting knee deep in the process they found themselves spending thousands of dollars for additional page views or additional printing and for the privilege of uploading their own, existing MSDS records into their database.”

MSDS Explorer 2.0 allows anyone to upload, view and print as many MSDS records as they want for one reasonable, fixed monthly fee of $50. There are no hidden charges, and clients really do have unlimited access. MSDS Explorer 2.0 was also designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. MSDS records may be searched by Manufacturer, Product Name, MSDS Number, Product ID Number, Department, Date Revised or Date Verified. Clients may also maintain their own electronic virtual 3-ring binder or print out hard copies for a physical binder.