As National Safety Month is wrapping up this is a great time to step back and review your company safety procedures. Are you doing all you can to create a safe environment for your employees, compliant with all OSHA requirements?

Hazard communication systems are critical

According to OSHA, one of the areas often cited for violations is hazard communication. As a matter of fact, hazard communication is the 2nd most common violation. Unlike violations related to structural issues in your facilities or procedural issues related to your production process, these safety issues can be resolved by simply organizing your information, making it accessible when it is needed.

Now that can be easy to say and complicated to do if your hazard communication documents consist of hundreds or even thousands of pages of information which need to be accessed in an emergency.

For example: Imagine an employee has ingested something and you need to know….right this minute….”do I induce vomiting or is there a risk of chemical aspiration into the lungs”?

In that emergency there isn’t time to search through pages of manuals to find first aid information, a phone number for the National Poison Control Hotline and phone numbers to local emergency rooms near your facility.

M3V Improves Employee Safety

It is clear from the example described above and in countless others you experience every day in your facility rapid access to information in an emergency will protect your employees. With M3V Software you can do just that as you convert your current paper based or locally hosted system to an easy-to-access, electronic web-based software application.

M3V offers you the ability to put an icon on any individual desktop or intranet so your employees can click the icon to immediately access (view only) your SDS library.  There is no need to remember a login page address, a username or password.

When seconds matter, the information will be immediately available to anyone needing assistance.

Access to Up To Date Information

There is also an additional benefit to having all of your hazard communication data in one centralized location. As things change, and they always do, one update will automatically be available in all your locations. No more printing multiple copies of new guidelines, distributing them throughout your company and hoping every manual is updated in a timely manner.

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